Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

No. We only produce raw honey with all the good stuff still inside. Both our creamed and raw honeys are unpasteurized and unblended. Just as nature created.

Raw honey is not pasteurized, filtered, or processed, and as such, it retains all the vitamins, pollen, enzymes, and nutrients inside the honey. When it is first extracted it comes out as liquid but over time it will naturally crystallize into a solid honey.

3 What are the main benefits of our honey?

As our honey is raw unprocessed, we have all the essential nutrients in the honey preserved. Our honey is rich is antioxidants, enzymes and minerals including iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and selenium. Vitamins found in honey include vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin. In other words you can call this the real honey, consuming our honey on a regular basis will increase immunity, slow down ageing, boost vitality and vigour

Honey lasts forever as long as you store it properly.

You can store it at room temperature. Some people put it in their freezer and it turns nice and creamy when thawed. Make sure that the lids are tightly sealed, as honey likes to absorb odors and moisture. Also be sure to avoid leaving it in overly hot locations.

6 Can honey be fed to infants?

No, it is not safe to feed any honey to children who are less than 1 year old as they do not have the necessary ability to digest honey. However it is perfectly safe to feed honey to children who are more than 1 year old.

7 Can your honey be used as face masks?

Yes, our honey will work wonders on your face as it destroys any harmful fungus or bacteria present on our skin and also the rich antioxidants will make your face glow.

8 Can your honey be used for sore throat?

Yes, from time immemorial honey has been used as a treatment for sore throat as the antimicrobial property of honey will relieve and cure and infections in your throat.

9 Can your honey help in weight loss?

Yes, honey with warm water consumed on a daily basis can purify your blood and help in loosing extra fat stored in your body.

10 How long can the honey be stored?

Honey can be stored indefinitely because it does not get spoilt. As our honey is raw and we do not process it, it can get crystallised in colder weathers but this is perfectly fine as it is a natural process.