JUDHUR NATURALS Talbina Grit & Grain Delight

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About the Product: 

· Judhur Naturals’ Super Food Talbina is made with the finest quality of pure and organic Barley and Dry fruits, along with the added goodness of Kesar and Ajwa Dates, making a perfect and healthy breakfast. 

· The extra ingredients provide immense nutritional benefits that are extremely vital for our health and wellbeing. Both, Kesar and Ajwa Dates are very rich in anti-oxidants, which when combined, greatly enhances the medicinal effects of Talbina.

· Talbina is said to have innumerable medicinal and healing properties for the mind and body.

· Talbina Premium works to strengthen your immunity to make you active, healthy and energetic. 

· It is easy to make, and it can be consumed by anyone that wishes to boost their immunity and dispel weakness, especially for those with diabetes, heart diseases and depression. 

· Judhur Naturals promises premium quality and taste for all our products. 

Product Description:

Talbina with Dry fruits (Premium) has numerous anti-oxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are exceedingly beneficial for your entire body and mind. . It is a source of High Fiber and has selenium, magnesium and phosphorus.  Its rich nutritional content due to the various Dry Fruits and the added power of Kesar, Dried Figs and Ajwa Dates helps in regaining strength along with various other benefits, such as 

Ø Reduces Depression and Stress 

Ø Lowers Cholesterol 

Ø Effective in maintaining bowel regularity 

Ø Reduces HB deficiency 

Ø Controls Heart Disease 

Ø Lowers Blood Sugar 

Ø Improves Digestion 

How to prepare Talbina? 

For Drinking: 

200ml milk

2 tea spoons of Talbina

Stir Well 

 Heat it for 3-5 minutes

Spoon of Honey (Optional)

Your Talbina is ready to drink.  

For Porridge: 

200ml milk 

4 tea spoons of Talbina

Stir Well 

Heat it for 3-5 minutes

Spoon of Honey (Optional) 

Your Talbina is ready to eat.  

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